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The 'Mapa de Entidades da Economia Social e Solidária da Região Autónoma da Madeira' (MAPESS - RAM) [en. Map of Social and Solidarity Economy Entities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira] is a collaborative platform, accessible to all, developed by AIPES - Associação de Investigação e Promoção da Economia Social, being the realization of one of its objectives, outlined when it was set up in 2017.

Advantages of MAPESS-RAM:

  • Identifies the Social and Solidarity Economy Organizations, namely by areas of activity, municipality, responses/projects;
  • It allows Social and Solidarity Economy Organizations in the Autonomous Region of Madeira to exchange experiences and good practices with each other, facilitating the formation of networks;
  • It provides information to help institutional, private and/or individual funders in their choices.

Target audience

  • Social and Solidarity Economy organizations in the Autonomous Region of Madeira that can update their information, facilitating the formation of networks;
  • Researchers and students who can consult information in a single space;
  • The general public who are interested in the social sector in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Methodology used

MAPESS-RAM is based on the public information made available by the organizations in different computerized media, which is then validated and/or completed by the registered OESS.

For the purposes of the mapping, entities that cumulatively meet the following criteria are considered:

Private non-profit organizations that follow the principles set out in the Basic Law on the Social Economy;

Entities that are active.

Anyone wishing to collaborate in the construction of MAPESS-RAM can contact us by e-mail: