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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAPESS?

MAPESS-RAM is a collaborative platform, accessible to all, which geo-references all active third sector organisations in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Where is the information on the organisations taken from?

MAPESS-RAM is based on public information made available by organisations in different computerised media, which is then validated and/or completed by the registered OESS.

Is registration compulsory?

Registration is optional. Organisations that register have access to editing/modifying the content of the organisation in question. Content can become outdated over time, so it's a plus for interested organisations to update their profile.

I'm on the governing bodies of an association and I can't find its MAPESS registration. How can I add it to the Platform?

Entities are entered by AIPES. To be entered you can send an email to with the relevant information.

Who is the MAPESS platform aimed at?

MAPESS-RAM is aimed at organisations in the social and solidarity economy where it can facilitate the formation of networks of help between them, researchers and students who can consult information in a single space, and the general population with an interest in this sector.

Is it possible to edit/delete a membership on the platform?

You need to register first in order to edit the contents of the entity you belong to. It is not possible to delete the entity.